Research Interests:

  • The United States Congress
  • The Federal Bureaucracy
  • American Political Institutions
  • Legislative Studies
  • Gender Politics
  • Representation
  • Elite Behavior
  • Public Policy and Lawmaking


  • “Incentives, Punishments, and Oversight: How Legislators Turn Preference into Policy”
    • Committee Chair: Dr. Benjamin G. Bishin


Lowande, Kenneth, Melinda Ritchie, & Erinn Lauterbach. “Descriptive Representation in Congress: Evidence from 80,000 Congressional Inquires.” Available in Early View, American Journal of Political Science. [link]

Newman, Benjamin, Sono Shah, & Erinn Lauterbach. “Who Sees an Hourglass? Assessing Citizens’ Perceptions of Economic Inequality. ¬†Research and Politics. [paper]

Research in Progress

  • Collaboration with Craig Volden and Alan Wiseman on legislative effectiveness.
  • “Incentives, Punishments, & Oversight: How Women Turn Passion into Policy.”
  • Incentives, Punishments, & Oversight: Measuring Policy Content in the U.S. House of Representatives.”
  • “Class in Session? The Effect of Legislators’ Economic Background on Policy Content in Congress” (with Benjamin G. Bishin and Thomas Hayes).

Other Writings

“Having the most diverse Congress ever will affect more than just legislation.” (With Kenneth Lowande & Melinda Ritchie). Monkey Cage. [link]