Research Interests:

  • The United States Congress
  • The Federal Bureaucracy
  • American Political Institutions
  • Legislative Studies
  • Gender Politics
  • Elite Behavior
  • Public Policy

Dissertation in Progress:

  • “Incentives, Punishments, and Oversight: How Legislators Turn Preference into Policy”
    • Committee Chair: Dr. Benjamin G. Bishin


Newman, Benjamin, Sono Shah, & Erinn Lauterbach. “Who Sees an Hourglass? Assessing Citizens’ Perceptions of Economic Inequality. Forthcoming in Research and Politics. [paper]

Research Papers in Progress:

  • “Descriptive and Substantive Representation in Congress: Evidence from 80,000 Congressional Inquiries” (with Kenneth Lowande & Melinda Ritchie) [paper]
    • R&R at American Journal of Political Science
  • “Does discrimination = Discrimination?” (with Benjamin Newman, Sono Shah, and Daniel Biggers)
  • “Cross-Racial Mobilization: Examining Minority Candidate’s Appeals (with Benjamin G. Bishin & Loren Collingwood)